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Welcome to Dove Web Design. Here at DWD we approach design uniquely than your average agency. We’re a perfect combination of imagination and tech, that brings a new age approach to web innovation.

Content Creation

Develop the story you want to tell your audience and make their experience memorable.

Website Development

100% custom Wordpress sites, SEO, and eCommerce. Cross-browser tested, mobile device responsive.

UI/UX Design

Mobile-first and content driven. Analytics to tell you what content is important to your visitors and what's not.

Branding & Identity

Logos, style guides, media kits, business card and brochure print. Social media marketing and management.


Photos of your business, for an event, or head shots for your next big gig.


YouTube and Instagram promotions, instructional videos, short documentaries.

The Line Up

This is how we do it

We’re a family of freelance strategists, developers and designers banded together to give your project a superior web presence. What separates us from them is the focus we dedicate to every project. They have clients, we have Partnerships. We approach each project with full commitment, fused with originality and execution.

Jasmyne Dove Epps Jasmyne Dove Epps is not average

Jasmyne Dove Epps

UI/UX Design, Web & Application Development
Bobby Epps Bobby Epps is not average

Bobby Epps

Content Development, Marketing
Jonathan Tease Jonathan Tease is not average

Jonathan Tease

Social Media Marketing, Brand Development
Antoine Stephenson Antoine Stephenson is not average

Antoine Stephenson

Graphic Design, Photography, Brand Development
Kachina Birton Kachina Birton is not average

Kachina Birton

Videography, Photography
  • "Your website is arguably the most important aspect of your brand. If customers cannot find you online, they typically won’t want to do business with you. I take pride in providing our clients with an amazing, user-friendly web presence to set their brand apart from masses."

  • "A lover of all things visually pleasing. Albeit great design or a great photo. I enjoy making the beautiful, and at the same time usable design collateral; within specifications, budget and on schedule. With a wide berth of experiences to pull from your brand and experience is of utmost importance."

  • "We now live in an age where being a nerd is cool. The tech and art world have joined forces to bring customers a web presence beyond their imagination. It all starts with an idea. You can have a beautifully designed site, but it’s the words that breathe life into it."

  • "I make my videos to capture moments in your everyday life where you are being you. I capture the moments that are peaceful, happy, and when you are surrounded by the love from the people you share these moments with. Peace, happiness and love are three values that I live by and my goal is to show how easy it is to obtain these values through film."

  • "When it comes to creating a brand strategy I like to think like a storyteller or entertainer. It helps me create campaigns that capture your customer's attention and make them want to buy from you."

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